Future Projects

Issenye Water and Environmental Sanitation Project, Serengeti District
The overall goal of this project is to improve environmental, health, and living standards in 7 rural villages in the Serengeti District (Nyiberekera, Rigicha, Singisi, Nyamisingisi, Nyankomogo, Nyamisingisi and Iharara).
This will be accomplished by increasing access to adequate, clean and safe water to villagers (about 3300 people total) along with improving the availability of water for domestic animals (about 4850 livestock including goats, sheep, and donkeys).
Other focuses of the project will be to improve the coverage and use of family latrines and to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and environmental hygiene in community schools.

As a result of this project, the community should see the following benefits:

  • A reduction in the transmission of water borne illnesses
  • A decrease in the number of children and women that are harassed while in search of water
  • Increased villager participation in economic activities due to reduced time spent and distance traveled in search for water

Project duration: 36 months (3 years)

Extension of Nyegina Water Supply Project to Etaro Village
The goal of this project is to enhance living conditions in the village of Etaro by increasing accessibility to clean and safe water for over 8000 villagers via an extension of the Nyegina water supply infrastructure.

Project Duration: TBD

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