Current/Past Projects

Madaraka Nyerere Library and Community Resource Center (2012-2016)

  • Designed and built a community space where children, youth and adults can come together to read, develop computer skills, and increase their personal and professional knowledge by taking advantage of literacy materials and Internet access
  • Integration of primary and secondary education with continuing adult education
  • Components:
    • A library, with books in Swahili and English, computers for public use and internet access, and a periodicals reading area
    • A teacher resource center
    • A community seminar room for community use related to business and professional development, health seminars, and other community development activities
    • A computer lab with 20 internet accessible desktop computers with networked printers, available for student classroom use and special seminars for professional development activities related to community development

Education Quality Improvement Program – EQUIP (Jan 2016 – Dec 2016)

  • Improve the quality of primary level education available to Mara pupils
  • Raising awareness and increasing the chance of girls access to quality education
  • Improve the follow-up of school activities by community members so as to increase efficiency in school management
  • Funded by UK AID

General Science Laboratories for Secondary Schools (2012-2014)

  • Construction of general science laboratories at four different schools in the Bukwaya area in an effort to improve science education for students and improve the teaching ability of teachers to teach science; also ultimately to retain science teachers in the region

Nyegina Secondary School Girls’ Dormitory (2009-2012)

  • Designed and built a modern dormitory to house up to 160 female students in an effort to support girls’ education
  • More information
  • Funded by Tanzania Development Support

Child Rights Radio Program (2009-2013)

  • Inform, educate and advocate for children rights and child protection in Musoma, Tanzania through radio
  • Provision of an avenue for children to air and participate in the protection of their rights through their listeners’ clubs.
  • Raising awareness on child rights issues in Musoma and Mara Region in General.
  • Provision of social support and legal services to victims of child abuse and neglect and vulnerable children. This is implemented in partnership with the Centre for Widows and Children and Legal Assistance.

Children Rights Program (2009-2011)

  • Raise awareness on child rights issues such as education, participation, abuse, protection and health.
  • Creation of children rights awareness in schools through formation of children clubs in primary and secondary schools and conduct meetings, trainings and seminars with the community.
  • Developing sense of confidence, self understanding and their responsibility through girl guide program
  • Provision of Guidance and counseling to children.

UMABU Integrated Project (2009-2011)

  • Brings four different project together: Education (from ECD to Secondary Education), Interventions for HIV/AIDS reduction, Youths Sports and Games, and Children Rights Program
  • Sponsorship of Girls Secondary Education.
  • Supporting of Early Childhood Development and Primary Education by building capacity to their teachers.
  • Organization of sports and games activities in Youth Clubs.
  • HIV/AIDS discussions where by youths in their Village Sports Clubs are involved in open discussions, watching movies and organizing plays and drama that contributes to reduction of HIV/AIDS transmission.

Water and Environmental Sanitation Project in Bukwaya Area (2005-2006)

  • Creation of awareness within the community on issues related to water, hygiene and sanitation through PHAST approach.
  • Training of CORPs in PHAST approach to facilitate community members in behavior changes.
  • Building capacity of local community on provision and management of water supply and sanitation facilities.
  • Improvement of 25 traditional water sources.
  • Construction of 12 demonstration latrines.
  • Construction of 6 rainwater harvesting tanks in 3 primary schools and 3 dispensaries.
  • Funded by AIDLINK

Nyegina Water Supply Project (2005-2006)

    Nyegina Water Tower

  • Conducting survey and locate the demarcation for pipeline.
  • Construction of pipeline from Lake Victoria at Masimbi bay to storage tank at Nyegina Parish (6km).
  • Construction of pump and pump attendant house at the Lake.
  • Installation of electricity.
  • Installation of water pump.
  • Construction of distribution systems from the storage tank to the villagers and school community.
  • Construction of new storage tank at Nyegina secondary school with a capacity of 5,000gallons.
  • Improvement of sewerage system at Nyegina secondary school.
  • Repairing the rainwater harvesting tanks at Nyegina parish and sisters’ convent.
  • Identification and training of project running committee members etc.
  • Funded by Terres des Hommes

Youth Sports and Games Project (2004-2005)

  • Mobilization and sensitization of youth to join sports and games.
  • Formation and improvement of sports and games clubs.
  • Conducting study on HIV/AIDS and formulation of interventions.
  • Purchasing of items for sports and games.
  • Training workshop of sports and games committee members on capacity building.
  • Implementation of sports and games plan activities by each team and conduct competitions.
  • Follow up & monitoring (meetings & observation of implementing activities).
  • Funded by Terres des Hommes

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Project (2002-2004)

  • Baseline survey of education in Bukwaya.
  • Establishment of ECD centers in line with 1995 National Education Policy.
  • Conducting training to 20 ECD teachers.
  • Conducting training to the school committee members.
  • Support construction of 6 ECD classrooms in 6 primary schools.
  • Enhancing capacity of primary school committee members on their roles and responsibilities etc.
  • Funded by CARE Tanzania

Girl Education Funding Project (2000-present)

    Student Awareness Procession

  • Creation of awareness on importance of girls’ education.
  • Supporting the school fees and hostel cost for new 20 girls each year from poor family and orphans from form I-IV.
  • Supporting Girl Guide movement for building confidence and improve the performance of girls at Nyegina secondary school.
  • Bought text books and photocopier for Nyegina Secondary school.
  • Funded by Terres des Hommes

Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES) Project (2001-2003)

  • Raised awareness within the community on issues related to water, hygiene and sanitation through PHAST approach.
  • Identified and trained 25 CORPs on PHAST through workshop.
  • Performed survey and proposed water source protection design.
  • Building capacity of local community on provision and management of water supply and sanitation facilities.
  • Promotion of positive changes in hygiene practices and behavior among the people.
  • Improvement of traditional water sources.
  • Increased the latrine coverage
  • Funded by UNICEF

Construction of Staff House at Nyegina Secondary School (2000)

  • Construction of two houses which are used for four families to reduce the disturbance/harassment of female teachers that would otherwise have a long and potentially dangerous daily trek to school.
  • Funded by Terre des Hommes Netherlands

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