Vision & Mission


UMABU is motivated by a vision of the Bukwaya region being a place where all community members have access to basic health, education and communication services. These services should be in good condition and owned and maintained (properly and efficiently) by community members. Reduced poverty, protect the environment and make positive development for the benefit of present and future generations in Bukwaya and for the nation as a whole.


UMABU strives to promote sustainable development in the Bukwaya region whilst valuing the traditions of local people particularly self-reliance, justice and social equality including gender equality in matter of development. UMABU projects are developed to support sustainable poverty eradication and improve services. The issues that UMABU is particularly concerned with are poverty, low levels of education, health sector development, decline in agriculture production, environmental degradation and a poor communications infrastructure within the area among others. Everyone will participate and share the responsibility for development.

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